LED Walls Part 3 – The Importance of Certified Power Supplies

The LED wall is made up of many subsystems that are assembled into a working panel. In no particular order here are the major systems:

– power supply
– frame/chassis
– receiving card
– LED panel
– rigging hardware

So I won’t cover all the specifics in this post, but hit on a few of them and then in Part 4 continue.

So if we first take a look at the power supply, this is one of the items that can easily be either a low-cost non-UL or MET certified piece or can be a high-quality power supply. It’s very difficult to know what quality of power supply you’re getting unless you know what you’re looking for. Some of the things that are important are a certification like UL or MET. (MET is an alternative to UL listing…)

See more about MET here:


And not only should the power supply itself be certified, but also the other components be of a certified product.

Simply put, if the power supply goes down, the LED wall typically stops functioning.

Stay tuned for more good info!!

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