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Jun 4 2017

LED Walls Part 7 – Sourcing and Pricing

Ok folks, now is the part that many of you have wondered about and asked about. There are a few things to be aware of ...
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Jun 3 2017

LED Walls Part 6 – The Processing

Here is another part in the series where I'm discussing LED walls and how they work. Today's segment will talk about how you get a ...
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Jun 2 2017

LED Walls Part 5 – More information…

This post will summarize a few things that have already been touched on in other posts and adds new information to the mix. First off ...
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Jun 1 2017

LED Walls Part 4 – What Drives LED Walls

Today we are going to touch on what drives the LEDs on the wall. There are two major components in the LED Wall panel itself ...
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May 31 2017

LED Walls Part 3 – The Importance of Certified Power Supplies

The LED wall is made up of many subsystems that are assembled into a working panel. In no particular order here are the major systems: ...
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May 30 2017

LED Walls Part 2 – Let’s Talk About LEDs

What do people see when they look at a LED wall... The Light Emitting Diode of course! So the LED was first invented in 1927, ...
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