About AVE

Audio Video Electronics

Audio Video Electronics (AVE) is a national leader in audio, video, and lighting design and installation. We create distraction-free worship, performance, and presentation environments that maximize value at every budget level.

Audio Video Electronics, Autumn Ridge

Our Mission

Enable our clients to communicate with emotion and power by designing, delivering, and supporting audio, video, and lighting solutions that maximize value at every budget level.

Our Goal

For over twenty years, our goal has been to help our customer’s dreams become a reality. We put our passion, wisdom, and experience into a proven process. We are driven to help you create a distraction-free environment that engages your audience. This is what often keeps us up at night and gets us up in the morning, as we unpack the stories you share, the challenges and also the celebrations.

We will continue to partner with churches, theaters, schools and various other organizations across the country, specializing in acoustics, audio, video, lighting and control systems.