LED Walls Part 7 – Sourcing and Pricing

By Stefan Svard | Jun 4, 2017

Ok folks, now is the part that many of you have wondered about and asked about. There are a few things to be aware of in how these are priced, as there are many parts that make up the whole system. I will say however that this discussion on pricing is just going to be…

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LED Walls Part 6 – The Processing

By Stefan Svard | Jun 3, 2017

Here is another part in the series where I’m discussing LED walls and how they work. Today’s segment will talk about how you get a video signal from your source (camera, computer or other switching equipment.) There are two major manufacturers and several others that are less well known. For the sake of today’s discussion,…

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LED Walls Part 5 – More information…

By Stefan Svard | Jun 2, 2017

This post will summarize a few things that have already been touched on in other posts and adds new information to the mix. First off – let’s discuss CALIBRATION further. This is a huge key factor in having a good looking LED wall. When the manufacturer orders their LED’s from the LED factory – the…

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LED Walls Part 4 – What Drives LED Walls

By Stefan Svard | Jun 1, 2017

Today we are going to touch on what drives the LEDs on the wall. There are two major components in the LED Wall panel itself that you need to be concerned about. This would be both the IC driver for the LEDs themselves and also the receiving card. The communication between your video input signal…

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LED Walls Part 3 – The Importance of Certified Power Supplies

By Stefan Svard | May 31, 2017

The LED wall is made up of many subsystems that are assembled into a working panel. In no particular order here are the major systems: – power supply – frame/chassis – receiving card – LED panel – rigging hardware So I won’t cover all the specifics in this post, but hit on a few of…

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